Five more for the file:

11) Invest in a pair of flipflops for your apartment¬†and keep them by you at all times. That way, at 4 am, when you stumble out of bed to go to the bathroom, your feet don’t freeze off on the unheated bathroom floor.

12) Speaking of bathrooms – do not play with the buttons on the side of the heated toilets, and if you do, remember that none of them are the “flush” button. Especially not that one that looks like a spray of water. Just, don’t.

13) The men on Korean television wear more makeup than the women, and they all seem to be sporting sparkly hairspray. I have yet to hear an explanation for this.

14) No, really, don’t try to bring the Korean unless you’re very sure what you’re saying. Luckily, the boy with cute emo hair at the pcbang will not take offense when you tell him to have intercourse with a pork dumpling, as he speaks very good English and will just ask you in English what you meant to say.

15) Utilizing the bastardized Mandarin you learned from Firefly will actually get your students to quiet down. Maybe it’s the novelty of the mi-gook (American)¬†teacher speaking an Asian language at them, but one should not care, as it gets results. One does not tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing.

In other news, I have some Christmas pics up on my Facebook, here:

Hopefully, that’s visible to everyone. If not, I’ll try and figure out how to post it to here. And now I am off on an attempt to actually find the Thai place up by Suseong Lake on the first try instead of stumbling around going “wait, I know it’s just past the bend in the boulevard, and there’s the Daewoo dealership which means it should be across the next street – aaaand, no. Huh. Where the hell did it go?”

Much love, guys!